ORS workers : « There is no loss, we are steadfast »

ors-fire-yok-AAThe workers of ORC Are still occupying the factory grounds in response to repression and dismissals in Polatlı (district of Ankara). They gave the message « there is no loss, we are steadfast ».

Bosses tried to break the resistance of the workers yesterday. but workers broke defied this and today they kept solidarity together. they came with their friends who stayed for night duty. They established tents and tea-urns for a new day in the morning.

Hundreds of people met together. They said that we will occupy the factory facility itself and the spokesman of ORC workers Kazım Ercan made a short speech.

« We will go inside together or we will go inside alone ! Security guards should not be here… So bosses are testing our patience. We will test their their patience also. » Ercan asked workers: « are we together right now? » workers answered with one voice « yes! »

Turkish Metal Union [NDLR : fascist union] attempts a provocation

Member of Turkish Metal Union came to the factory grounds and tried to provoke a fight they could not do it and ran behind police. ORC workers responded with whistles and applause.

Workers of ORC are still waiting for to get their rights in the factory grounds. they believe that « we will get rid by resisting, we will achieve by resisting! »

Translated from : http://www.kizilbayrak.net/ana-sayfa/sinif/haber/ors-iscileri-fire-yok-kale-sapasaglam/

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