Suruc kermis in Kadıköy

KadikoySurucIn order to stand in solidarity with Suruç martyrs’ families and casualties, as a part of « Elverin yaralarımızı birlikte saralım »(Lend a hand, dress our wounds together) campaign, this week a bazaar was opened in Kadıköy’s Kalkedon Square.

The bazaar which attracts people’s attention, will be in Kadıköy Kalkedon Square every week in order to dress wounds of Suruç.

Youngsters who hold the kermis asked for accessories like necklace, foods like cakes-pies-tarts, books, fruits which are easy to hand out like water melon-cherries-apple, to be in solidarity.

Police came to the stand which have been opened for 2 weeks, and teased the young because of the music played there.

Security branch chief left the square saying « District Police chief will come here »

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