Prisoners of TKP/ML cases go on a hunger strike

tutsaklarPrisoners of TKP/ML cases, go on a 3 days hunger strike in order to react AKP’s massacres.

Prisoners made a declaration and said, « After Pirsus(Suruc) massacre, assaults which started with shelling of Kandil, continues by massacre of civilians, mass detentions and arrests in Zergele, Silopi and Ağrı. Funerals of YPG/YPJ guerrillas who fought against DAESH in Rojava are hold at border gates and not delivered to their families, inhuman actions are carried out against guerrilla funerals as in Ekin Wan example, and Kurdish people’s autonomy declarations and self defense is responded with massacre of civilians »

Pointing the importance of all out resistance against government’s all out attacks, prisoners said « In this manner we call all our people and revolutionist, democrat people to move reflexively against these assaults, to use all methods of struggle, basically, to rise the struggle simultaneously with Kurdish people. Massacres go on, funerals are not allowed, it is unacceptable not to respond these assaults with all resources. In this consciousness we all TKP/ML TİKKO prisoners are going on a hunger strike for 3 days »

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