SGDF members home raided by special operation police

etha-20150812-sgdf-baskin-00_displaySpecial operation police raided SGDF (Federation of Socialist Youth Associations) members’ home, battered youngsters and tried to get them on the ground. Police did not show any search warrant, left without taking anything. No detainees.

State terrorism to SGDF which lost its members and administrators in Suruc massacre.

The home in Fikirtepe (İstanbul) where federation members are accommodated was raided by the special operation police. Entering the home without showing search warrant, police wanted to get people there on the ground and battered them. Police searched the home and left without taking anything.

İlke Başak Baydar who was at home during the raid, told ETHA what happened, « In the morning special operation police raided our home. They had no search warrant. They mentioned something like ‘Search request decision’. They have come after a denouncement about preparation of petrol bombs at our home. They tried to get us on the ground, we resisted, meanwhile, they battered us. They rummaged everywhere before they leave. They had no order for detention. They made criminal record-check. They wanted us to sign search record but we denied. »

etha-20150812-sgdf-baskin-01_displaySezin Uçar from Law Office of Oppressed, who visited the home after the raid, stated « They have tried to organize a conspiracy. They claim, a repairman who came to fix gas-fired boiler had sent a denouncement via email writing ‘Petrol bombs are produced at home’. Our clients are the ones who were wounded in Suruc massacre. They have stayed at home only last two days, since their arrival from Suruc. They haven’t been home for a long time. Moreover, there haven’t been such a visit from a repairman. They have no court decision. According to Homeland Security Package, they come with a ‘search request’. This is a totally fictional and extrajudicial execution.

Şerife Erbay who was wounded in Suruç massacre was at home with İlke Başak Baydar at the moment of raid.

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