All investigations about the attacks on HDP results with non-prosecution decisions

hdp-hukumeti-uyariyoruz-infazlari-durdurun-14Meral Danış Beştaş, HDP’s vice co-chair responsible for human rights reacted to the non-prosecution decisions for investigations about attacks on HDP by a written announcement. Beştaş noted that HDP will take legal actions about the mentioned procedures.

HDP’s vice co-chair responsible for Law and Human Rights, Meral Danış Beştaş reacted to recent non-prosecution decisions about the investigations about attacks on HDP.

Beştaş said, « Our party has become a target of an assault chain, recently by a political lynch campaign against our co-chairs ». Beştaş noted that all applications they have been making to judicial and administrative offices were inconclusive.

Beştaş stated that similar to the extensiveness of the offences against HDP, the swiftness of non-prosecution decisions for the judicial investigations and reports rise distrust and suspicions about judicial offices : « The feeling of non-implementation of the principle of equality before the laws for HDP is not less then this distrust fact. HDP is an indispensable political party for the democracy in this country. Similar to that judicial offices are indispensable for legal system and social order. Consequently, we make a call to all officers work in the legal mechanisms who are supposed to remain at a equal distance to all citizens and institutions. Rights to a fair trial applies to everyone. You have to approach equally to  President’s, the government’s or AKP’s complaints and unsecured citizens’ and HDP’s. You have to take actions not discriminatorily but equally. »

Indicating non-prosecution decisions for the offences against HDP is a scandal, Beştaş said « The manner of officers and jurisdiction attendants who do not meet their positions’ case, does not only remind an effect of executive power and refraining from this effect, but also personal anxieties. »

Beştaş stated « Our party is clear about the fact that these non-prosecution decisions are taken without meeting the case of the duty, improperly and in contrast to the law. When aforesaid investigations, conducted by officers who do not meet their positions’ case, are inspected it will come out that these arise the crime of neglect of duty and discrimination. »

Beştaş, HDP claiming it’s rights before the law and justice authorities, will be taking legal steps about the mentioned procedures.

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