MLKP – FESK Laid Claim on Two Bombing Acts

etha-20150205-mlkp-simge-00_displayMarksist Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) – FESK made an announcement about the actions carried out on 19th and 20th of July.

MLKP – FESK made a statement claiming the bomb left before the newspaper STAR on 19th of July: « We left a bomb before a corporation publishing the newspaper Star which tries to insult all women in person of a revolutionary woman and we left a banner with MLKP KKÖ’s emblem and slogan ‘You can’t silence women. We multiple like Işık’ written on it. Star Media’s spokesmen making demagogic statements after many days, should know that they will be brought to account by such revolutionary actions in the future and they will not be that lucky again. »

MLKP – FESK announcing the bomb left in front of Sancaktepe district office of AKP on 21st pf July was found before the explosion, « Our flag was left at the location of the act. Although, fascist police of AKP hides the action from workers and laborers, it knows who made the action. Our action which was carried out in Sancaktepe where our comrade Yasemin was immortalized, means the flag she handed us will be risen more. »

MLKP – FESK stated that they will be « bringing to account », stressed « Certainly, justice of proletariat and oppressed will reach them ».

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