Suicide Attack in Qamişlo

etha-20150621-rojava-ciwan-ibrahim_displayA suicide attack was carried out against the Qamislo Public Order Center and many were injured in the attack.

Etkin Haber Ajansi / 21 June 2015 Sunday 11:10

Today a suicide attack was carried out in the Qamislo town center, onWehde street against the Public order center at around 8:45 in the morning.

According to the information received, a man wearing an explosive belt detonated the explosives after getting into the public order building.

The responsible general of the Rojava Public Order Forces Ciwan Îbrahîm examined the scene of the crime and reported that the bombing was carried out around 9:00 by an attacker who wore an explosive belt.

Îbrahîm stated the attacker fired on the public order forces who were on duty at the door, killing one person and entered the building, setting off the explosives.

Îbrahîm reported the injured were taken for treatment and their condition is good.

Rojava Public Order forces General Ciwan Îbrahîm stated the attacker was not Syrian and he added ‘Gangs who claim to act on behalf of Islam are attacking the Muslims in this holy Ramadan month. So they showed again that they are against islam and human values. ‘

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