Ilhami Yıldırım apologizes !

PHG BayrakThree days after the statement of MKP/PHG, Ilhami Yıldırım apologized to the families and people on Twitter.

REDACTION (15.06.2015) – Partizan Halk Güçleri, under the leadership of MKP carried out an action against Ilhami Yıldırım [Chairman of the Red Crescent of Istanbul] this February. Yıldırım survived the attack. MKP declared that they carried out this operation in retaliation for Yildirim’s insulting tweets against the people.

Yildirim sent the tweets after Uğur Kurt was killed by police in Okmeydanı Cemevi. While claiming their action against Fehmi Altinbilek, MKP/PHG also claming the action against Yildirim. MKP/PHG stated : “ Ilhami Yildirim who escaped from the attack of our organization by a hair breath said he was sorry, he was not close to AKP and he sent that tweets in a moment of excitement. Also he informed us about the police investigation of the event.”. MKP/PHG said “firstly he should apologize to the families, we are giving him a week to apologize on the same channel he used to insult the people (Twitter)”

Three days after this explanation, Ilhami Yildirim apologized from the people through the same channel. The trial in the Uğur Kurt case was two days ago, but no one was charged.

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